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Our 3 Year Plan 2016-2019


The aim of our Tidy Village and Graveyard Committee is to:

Help maintain the natural beauty of the area.

  1. Work in the community and with other local groups to raise awareness of the natural local flora and fauna and the importance of conservation.
  2. To improve the over-all esthetic of the village and make sure that any changes to the area are in keeping with its surroundings.
  3. To encourage the use and the enjoyment of the natural amenities by establishing safe and easy accessible walkways.
  4. Maintain old historical graveyard site and prevent further damage to the grounds.
  5. We have conducted a review of the area and are preparing to create a more focused plan for future projects, with the aim of seeking additional funding for bigger projects.


  • The preservation and maintenance of the Old Graveyard site, church ruins and stone wall. We have set-up a subcommittee who will examine any available funding to help with the future conservation of this historical site.
  • Uncover and repair stonewalls in the village to highlight them and make them a feature within the village, especially the left hand wall on the Mullinahone Road out of the village, just after Kiely’s Garage, as it has become very overgrown and damaged.
  • Replace any old and damaged signs in village.
  • Place more tourist relevant signage in the village, identifying any cycle trails, historical sites etc.
  • Place an information panel in the village giving detailed information about the Slievenamon Mountain and its amenities.
  • Place fence around bottle bank area on Drangan Road. Place a permanent flowerbed and trees in the area, with the aim of improving the overall look of the site while still keeping it functional.
  • Place a wildlife sanctuary within the village, and improve site to encourage more wildlife to locate to area. A suitable site has been located.
  • Put together strategy for sustainable tree planting. We are working with County Council gardener on this project. 
  • Apply for funding to print and distribute our flora and fauna leaflets to increase awareness of local wildlife.
  • Develop a Birdbox Discovery Trail around the village.
  • To work with the local school to put in their own compost heap and water butts for water conservation.
  • Entering into EPA Tidy Towns Special Award for Waste Prevention competition. 
  • We plan to move the rockery at the top of Kilburry Lane, as it has failed to sustain any plants that we have placed there. It costs us time and money each year to clean up, so our future plan is to move the rockery back, place topsoil in the area and plant with wildflowers and native trees.

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