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Waste Reduction

Sustainable waste and resource management is all about the ways we can eliminate/rethink, reduce, reuse or recycle waste. This is one of the categories in the Tidy Towns Competition that marks are available for.

Waste elimination/prevention is the ideal – do not generate waste. Everyone can play a role in waste reduction. In order to reduce our waste we will be putting up waste reduction ideas here and we are looking for your ideas also.

Recently Cloneen National School used old election posters as wall boards for attaching artwork, notices, leaflets etc. this is a great example of recycling.

Food waste is also a real problem and it is costing Irish householders  hundreds of euro each year. See the link Luscious Leftovers for recipes for leftovers and start reducing your food waste!

In this link Southern Waste Region, there are some great ideas on minimising the environmental waste from cleaning products.

Some other examples of waste elimination/reduction; buying fruit without packaging, using the double siding facility on your printer, purchase durable goods instead of disposable ones, repair instead of throw away, grow your own vegetables instead of getting them transported half way around the world to your local supermarket.

If anyone has ideas/examples on this topic email them to us info@cloneentidytowns.com and we will post them here or post them on our Facebook page, so we can all make small changes to help create a better future

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